It seems that most people come for the plates of cookies. As the cookies wear thin and the clock heads to five, the crowds thin dramatically.

Why don't people use a microphone? The job-despisers in the back can't hear you. That's why there's a microphone.

People kept saying a lot of things, mostly focusing on how much money the company will be making. Other people clapped a lot, leading me to believe the statements were positive.

I wasn't sure, so I didn't clap. If I'm ever up with the great mass of presenters I'm going to slip in some really bad stuff, just to see if the clappers are paying attention, or just there to eat cookies.

The happy smiling row of women. Do they work here, or are they hired extras? Because why are they constantly smiling? The announcement that the head of accounting is coming up to speak brings out your best Julia Roberts smile? Perhaps it's me, maybe I'm too cynical?


I don't understand the announcement of a rival companies troubles as a positive. Can't it just be a matter of time until it hits this company?

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